There’s often a great deal of stress involved in office relocation, especially if you’re planning on taking a lot of supplies and employees with you. However, relocating to a fully furnished office space in a city like Ottawa can be very rewarding for your business and it can even boost your employee morale. Sometimes, companies need a positive change of pace and scenery to implement and instill strong corporate values within their work culture and moving to a more conducive work environment is a good place to start.

Relocating Business

Why Do Businesses Relocate?

There are many reasons why you might consider relocating your business. It could be as simple as your current lease coming to an end and you need to find a new office space. Or, maybe you’ve noticed that the commute is a little far for a lot of your employees and clients and you want to make it a little more convenient for them to get to your office. Another good reason is if you’re looking to expand or downsize your business and you need a larger or smaller office space to suit the changing needs of your company. Whatever your reasons are, there are a few things to consider when moving office locations.

The Convenience Factor

Moving your office to a more central location makes it a lot more convenient for both your employees and clients to access it any time they want. Always take into consideration the fact that not everyone lives in the same area or has access to a vehicle of their own. Some people might have to take public transit or a taxi to get to work, so no matter where your office is located, you’re not going to be able to please everyone. However, you can rest assured that most business professionals tend to operate in large metropolitan cities, so renting an office space in Ottawa is a pretty safe bet.

Expand Your Client-Base

When relocating your business, an important factor to consider is moving to an area where your largest client-base is situated. This can be tricky in some cases because if you’re currently in Canada and you find that your largest client-base is in Japan, then moving your entire company overseas could be a huge gamble. There are a lot of uncertainties as well as other factors that come into play. It all depends on the nature of your business, how many employees you have—and whether they’d be able to move wherever you choose to go—and the cost of moving itself. You’d have to thoroughly gauge the situation and plan out the logistics of making a move like that.

The Cost of Renting an Office Space

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), entrepreneurs, and startups should all be careful when it comes to finding a suitable and reliable office space to rent. Not only do you have to make sure that the space you rent can accommodate all of your employees and their supplies (relatively small businesses shouldn’t have any issues with that), but you should also look for comprehensive package deals that actually match your company’s requirements. This includes fully functional facilities, administrative staff, IT department, Wi-Fi access, telephone answering services, and mail service. You should not have to pay extra for any of these services unless they’re not included in your contract. Before you actually sign on the dotted line, make sure you know what your company needs and research all of your options. Beware of office space rental companies that might try to upsell you on services you won’t use.

Well-Maintained and Fully Upgraded Facilities

Since most office space rental companies tend to rent their space to multiple organizations simultaneously, they’re always striving to keep their facilities optimally maintained and fully upgraded. One of the advantages of relocating your business to an office rental space is that you don’t personally have to worry about performing or paying for any necessary maintenance. It’s all taken care of for you and depending on whatever deal you manage to work out with the rental company as well as the necessary work to be done, the fees could be minimal. If you purchase an office space, you’re fully responsible for the cost of all maintenance, upgrades, and repairs which can be a very heavy financial cross to bear for a small business.

Revamping Your Brand

Sometimes, the reason for relocating to a new office space is as simple as just needing a change of scenery to allow your brand to thrive in a new environment. This comes with several perks. First, it gives your business a substantial opportunity to test out new waters and try to reach out to a new target audience that otherwise might not have known you existed. Second, it affords you the opportunity to break out of your shell and reinvent your brand. There are never any guarantees when making a big change and even larger corporations have been known to make mistakes when introducing new products, concepts, services, and advertisements. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take any bold risks at all. Sometimes, the one idea or business venture you never thought would work out, ends up being the most successful one out of them all. A new location could inspire some of your greatest business ideas ever.

Growing Your Business and Improving Your Operations

One of the things you should consider when moving office locations is how it can help you expand your business and help improve the way your company operates. As your company matures, its needs are inevitably going to change. Things that used to work for you when you first started out simply might not cut it anymore. You might need a larger space to accommodate your growing number of employees or, on the other hand, you might be looking to downsize and require less space. Your current office space might not be effectively set up to suit the ever-changing demands of your business or your growing clientele. Every once in a while, it’s worthwhile to see what your options are and how you can make improvements to the way you do things for the sake of your business.

Rent a Fully Furnished Office Space in Ottawa

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